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Frequently Asked Beer Questions
Our Guide is broken up into 5 sections, all of which answer frequently asked questions about beer. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to let us know.

» What is beer?
» What are ales?
» What are lagers?
» How are they different?
» What are lambics?
» What is "bock" beer?
» What is "porter"?
» What are "dry" beers?
» What are "ice" beers?
» What are "cold-filtered", and "heat pasteurized" beers?
» What is "draught" (draft) beer?
» How is specific gravity related to beer?
» What does "Dubbel" mean on a beer label?

Brewing Beer
» How is alcohol strength measured?
» Why is beer stronger in Canada than the U.S.
» How are "ale", "malt liquor", and "barleywine" related to strength?
» What is the Reinheitsgebot?
» What about the new "Draught-flow"?
» What is "Real Ale"?
» What is CAMRA?
» What are the categories of brewers/breweries?
» What is a "brewpub"?

Handling Beer
» How do I judge a beer?
» What is good/bad and skunked/spoiled beer?
» How should I store beer?
» How long does beer keep?
» Is beer considered a vegetarian/kosher/organic product?

Misc. Questions
» What is Zima and/or clear beer
» What do the different Chimay packages/colors mean?
» What does the "33" mean on the bottles of Rolling Rock?
» Can I make my own beer?
» How do I make it?

» Where can I get good beer?
» I'm going to "some city", what brewpubs/bars are good?
» Can I get beer in the mail?